MAD Interactive Concepts (Model Aided Design) is a new interactive show ‘n tell kitchen design tool for use in a kitchen showroom setting. MAD is a great addition and beautiful show piece for any kitchen showroom.

Introducing the latest in kitchen design, MAD Interactive Concepts. The MAD Interactive Concepts Kitchen Design System has simplified the kitchen design process with a unique, exact scale model kitchen design kit, invented and manufactured by Eurtton Distribution Inc.

After being involved in the kitchen cabinet industry for the past 20 years and after being heavily invested into design programs like 2020 Technologies, we knew that there had to be a better, faster and simpler way for “anyone” to layout and design kitchens.

Models are used in many industries including the medical professions, dental studies, automotive concept cars, and architectural industries, as a valuable tool to allow a visual representation of the final product. Prototypes or models are also used in pre-manufacturing of most products to fine tune the final product prior to going into production. MAD is exactly that, it makes prototypes of the finished kitchen prior to purchasing. We’ve done the same, but improved upon it, by making it reusable and easily changeable.

Even though programs like 2020 are important, excellent, and integral in the design, quoting and ordering process, they still were not perfect and do not present the visual representation that MAD Interactive Design can. Most people tend to be visual and there’s nothing like seeing the real thing.

Although there are many on-line downloadable kitchen planner applications that allow for individuals to design kitchens themselves, they are most often confusing and not always effective. Everything from browser incompatibility, fear of viruses, steep learning curves, and the inability to identify inaccuracies, is a deterrent. These online programs are generally far too slow, and they simply take far too long to create a design. A kitchen designed with MAD literally can be designed in a fraction of the time, is more fun to do and is a much more accurate.

MAD Interactive Concepts is a precise, exact 1/10 scale magnetic cabinet, floor and wall system with a ruled grid system for easy placement of wall and base cabinets. No calculations and no measuring…simply identify the measurement on the grid and follow the measured lines.

Our MAD Interactive Concepts System can be purchased À la carte which allows purchasers to purchase only what they need and build a system that suites the cabinet lines they sell.

MAD Interactive Concepts is perfect solution for retailers that offer RTA and stock cabinets. Retailers can quickly layout a kitchen with their client in advance of selecting the cabinets off the shelf. MAD is a sure way of making sure the customer selects the correct cabinets including all components and fillers etc. If it fits on the modeling system, it will fit in their home.

MAD Interactive Concepts, creates a better customer experience, reduces mistakes that result in unnecessary returns, open boxes, damaged product, and overall saves the store and client valuable time and money.
Top 10 Advantages to owning a MAD Interactive Kitchen Design System:

  1. Durable High-Quality Vinyl Finished Stainless Steel grid patterned floor and wall system.
  2. Durable Cabinets made of Polylactic Acid Thermoplastic (a biodegradable polymer plastic)
  3. The MAD System is a one-time purchase – System designed to last indefinitely.
  4. Systems can be purchased À la carte – allowing retailers to purchase only what they need.
  5. Add to your MAD System if and whenever you want, unlike other design software where you are required to pay annual fees of $650.00 per license indefinitely to keep the license active.
  6. MAD is a lower overall cost and less dependent than traditional kitchen design systems.
  7. Allows businesses to offer kitchen cabinets without hiring a qualified 2020 design expert.
  8. Anyone can be up and running designing kitchens with minimal training in literally minutes.
  9. Up to two users can design at the same time by moving walls to the center of the floor.
  10. Kitchens can be designed accurately in a fraction of the time as traditional design programs.

To learn more about our unique design system and how it can benefit your kitchen cabinet department visit

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