Pure White Closet

1.  Basic unit comes in two depths, 24″ and 15″ 32mm system drills are applied on side panel, all hardware and accessories are easy to install.  Various customization possibilities.

2. The grain direction of side panel is vertical, and horizontal for bottom, top & shelf panel.

3. The closet box is assembled using a cam-lock and dowel system.

4. The back panel is full length and 9mm in thickness.

5. The thickness of the drawer boxes are 12mm.

6. Match finish drawer box with bottom mount 550mm & 300mm using DTC slides.


CLOSET with MSRP-1-1
CLOSET with MSRP-1-7
Closet Grain
CLOSET with MSRP-1-8
CLOSET with MSRP-1-8b
CLOSET with MSRP-1-9-B
CLOSET with MSRP-1-9b-B
CLOSET with MSRP-1-10-B
CLOSET with MSRP-1-10b-B
CLOSET with MSRP-1-11b-B
CLOSET with MSRP-1-11-B
CLOSET with MSRP-1-12-B