Mattresses - The CannaBeds Story

Hemp is known as a Miracle fibre, it naturally regulates temperature, it's up to 3 times stronger and softer than cotton, it is resistant to Dust Mites, bed bugs, humidity and mould plus it provides the ultimate comfort.

This miracle fabric is also a hypoallergenic fibre and it has natural Anti-Bacterial properties to reduce and fight bacteria, it is gentler on the your skin and actually gets softer with age and use. The oldest fabric ever found was in an Egyptian tomb dated to approx 8,000 years old and guess what, it was made with hemp fibre.

Hemp is naturally resistant to insects and disease, therefore  there is no need for the use environmentally damaging and unhealthy pesticides or herbicides during the growing process, it can be planted and matured in approx. 11 weeks with very little water needed.

Cotton on the other hand takes several times longer to grow, it uses lots of chemical pesticides and herbicides and consumes almost half of all the water used in the entire farming industry to produce it.
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Group 1 Stock Colour Program (Duets)

Suggested colour combinations pairing two colours together.